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When/Where can I receive a COVID vaccine?
We will not be offering the COVID-19 vaccine in our office at this time.  The timeline for vaccinating different groups of people is still being developed by the state of Ohio. For more information regarding the vaccine for COVID-19 click here.
This page was last updated: January 15, 2021
The Ohio Department of Health is launching a tool here.  It will allow you to search by zipcode or county for a provider in Ohio that has been alloted vaccines.  It is important to verify with the providers, as the tool is not updated in real time.

Various agencies are in the process of vaccinating the highest risk group at this time.  The next group to be vaccinated is Phase 1B.  Although vaccine supply is limited, vaccination centers are starting to open up pre-registration for the vaccine.  Click the links below for more information:
Franklin County Public Health:  For residents of Franklin County
Delaware County Health District: For residents of Delaware County
Columbus Public Health:  For residents of Columbus or Worthington
Ohio Department of Health:  Information for statewide vaccination resources
Franklin County EMA:  Check here for additional information on vaccination resources

Unfortunately there is no standardized process for distributing the vaccine.  We anticipate more information regarding hospitals, pharmacies and urgent cares distributing the vaccine will be available soon.