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Where can I go to be tested for COVID-19?
For information on where to get tested for COVID-19, click here.
There are a variety of locations offering COVID-19 testing.  Many of these locations will allow you to schedule an appointment for testing without an order from your physician.  Due to the high demand for testing, we are not able to schedule testing for patients at this time, unless they require to be tested before a medical procedure.

For PCR testing, the Columbus Health Department test center at the Ohio Expo Center and State Fair Celeste Center is a good option.  This location is staffed by The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, OhioHealth, and Mount Carmel.  You must call to pre-register and make an appointment.  Information is found in the link above.  This site is currently only testing individuals with symptoms.

For Rapid Antigen testing and PCR testing, consider going to an urgent care location.  Immediate Health Associates Urgent Cares (Westar Urgent Care, Sunbury Urgent Care, Wedgewood Urgent Care and Newark Urgent Care) offer a variety of testing options.  You must go to their website and make an appointment to be tested.  CVS Minute Clinic locations also offer testing.  You must go to their website and make an appointment to be tested.  Testing may be available at other urgent care locations as well.  Call the urgent care or visit their website for details.

This page was last updated: November 6, 2022